Are Professional Headshots Worth It?

You get ONE shot to make a great first impression!

Are Business Headshots Worth It?

Which Headshot Sends the Right Message??

The top headshot was taken by a “friend” at church. The bottom business headshot was created at my headshot studio in Denton, TX. Which One Won?

Your corporate headshot is often times your first impression to new prospects, employers, cast directors, potential spouses, … In the corporate world, LinkedIn is the #1 business networking website in the world. And, your first impression in the business world is your corporate headshot –

Your headshot DEMONSTRATES a lot about YOU…. whether you want it to or not! It projects an “image”… much like a logo… what does your image say about who you are? Does your head shot SAY you are a business professional who is on top of my game or does it say something else?

Having a strong professional headshot tells people, even if subliminally, you ARE a indeed professional & mean business. It shows you CARE and you don’t cut corners. A crappy headshot says the opposite.

High a true professional to create your business headshot (or acting headshot or dating headshots). A professional headshot photographer who understands lighting, posing, ….

I also STRONGLY recommend a white background b/c the marketing applications are really really cool. With the use of a white background, a graphic designer can expand the background to make a seemless high-end looking marketing piece.

So.. in conclusion…. To rip off an old cliché, a picture can be worth a thousand bucks. Or.. it might be worth a new client OR some significant media exposure OR an invitation to speak at a major conference.

Having a strong, up-to-date photo of yourself on hand is smart business. Use it to promote your image on your website, market yourself on LinkedIn and Twitter. Anytime you speak on at a conference, you will probably be asked for a photograph. If you author a book, it can go on the back flap.

Your photograph needs to look professional and polished, so don’t even think about using an iPhone selfie. Hire a photographer who has experience with business headshots, not just sexy model portraits.

George Dean Photography has been creating headshots for real estate agents, executives, board of directors, local companies, and national brands such as Walmart and

The Psychology of the Headshot… One of the first things I will ask you at your headshot session with me is… “What message do you want this headshot to convey to your target audience?” Maybe you want friendly and approachable or maybe you want a headshot the conveys power and strength. These are two very different headshots!

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