Tips For a Great Business Headshot!

Dallas Headshot Photographer for Real Estate Headshots

Dallas Headshot Photographer for Real Estate Headshots

1. Relax – You hired a professional! Companies such as, Sally Beauty Supply, and Wal-Mart has trusted George Dean Photography. You are in good hands!

I promise to take care of you 100%. People are always shocked and amazed at how easy I make the process. One lady told me, “Well, you made that way too easy George Dean!”. This is a quick and easy process. I will be set up and ready to roll when you arrive. There is a private dressing room you can use to change clothing or touch up make up/hair.

2. Bring multiple outfits so I can help you select the right color combination to color harmonize with your hair, eye color, and skin tones. Plus, the clothing choice helps convey the right marketing message to your target audience. If you bring several options, I will help select the right one!

3. A white shirt is RARELY the best choice. Why? Well, a white shirt is BRIGHTER then your face… I want you face to come FORWARD in the image so I like shirts that are darker than your skin. Does that make sense? You CAN wear white is you want HOWEVER if you bring several options, I will help select the right one!

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Avoid Crazy Patterns!

4. Please eat and be hydrated. It does wonders for the skin!

5. In general, avoid crazy patterns! Unless you are going to the wacky used car salesman look. ➡️

6. Wear long sleeves. I am trying to be as gentle as possible when I say this… “Cover up your arms”. Not many people like their arms in a picture. There is a LOT of skin on those arms and they WILL dominate the picture. We want a headshot that is about your face – not your arms.

7. Blemishes are easily removed. As a portrait photographer and an oil painter, I will photoshop your image with the gentle hand of an portrait artisan. The best part, you get to watch me!

8. Jackets… please try on your jackets before you come to your session. Our body shape seems to change over time and proper fitting clothing is important to the success of your headshot.

Headshot Tips for Ladies:

1. Ladies… bring your “touch up” make up to your session. You may not need it but you might be glad you brought it. Shiny lips photograph better than dry lips. One last swipe with lipstick can make a world of difference.

2.Ladies… do you need professional makeup and hair? I say, “No you don’t”. Be YOU. I like authentic as much as possible. This is not a glamour shot. Brand consistency is important. You want people to instantly recognize you. That is one reason I do NOT over photoshop and alter your appearance.

3. Ladies… avoid shiny fabrics and see through fabrics. Bring clothing that shows your shape, not hide it. Avoid “pastels”.

Real Estate Agent Headshot

Real Estate Agent Headshot

4. Ladies… Do wear mascara and lipstick close to your natural lip color. In general, don’t cut or color your hair the week of your shoot – Do it two weeks before.

5. Ladies… A drug store depilatory cream will easily remove facial fuzz. Popular brands are Sally Henson and Oil of Olay. To make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction, conduct a patch test a few days prior to your shoot. Removing fuzzy hair ensures you foundation does on smoothly.

6. Ladies…. Make sure that your clothing is modest, because it is a bad idea to reveal too much skin. Choose a classy corporate style which shows that you are serious about your career. For example, you might choose a nice blouse or a collared shirt, paired with a suit coat and slacks or a skirt. Also, make sure that you choose jewelry to match your outfit. The jewelry should add a nice accent to the outfit, without detracting from the overall appearance of your photo. Too much jewelry can send the wrong impression, and having the photo taken without jewelry can appear too plain.

7. Ladies.. Since you are already at my studio.. all dressed up, with multiple outfits, makeup on, and doing professional headshots with George Dean…. this would be a great time to do multiple headshots. We could do business headshots and casual headshots in studio light and natural light with multiple backgrounds! This would give you several professional headshots to use in different marketing or personal scenarios. This type of session would be the portfolio session.

8. Ladies… Try on your top(s) with your bra in front of bright light and mirror to check for transparency. Studio lights may shine through thin fabrics.

9. Ladies.. If you love your arms, tank tops can work nicely. However, long sleeves often work better than short sleeves

Headshot Tips for Men:

1. For men: Always wear a collared dress shirt, and you might also consider a suit jacket. If you want to add individual style for additional headshots, then you may consider options such as v-neck sweaters over your dress shirt, or a tie that makes a statement.

Plano Headshot Photographer in Dallas TX

Plano Headshot Photographer in Dallas TX

2. For men: If you wear facial hair… some “man grooming” might be in order. Don’t ignore those eye brows when grooming as well. If you want to bring your shaver and shave before the shoot, that is fine with me. I have a dressing room and bathroom you are free to utilize.

3. For men: We might want to start your session with scruffy look and then shave. This would give you at least two different looks. You might want to consider the portfolio session for this.

4. For men: Black is always a good choice. Simple IS better.

5. For men: Make sure your clothing is pressed. Wrinkled clothing does not photograph well.

6. For men: Dark solid colored jackets worn over a colored shirt with or without a ties works well!

4. For men: Bring a business look and casual look if you want more than one headshot. This is a perfect time to get additional headshot while you are already at the studio. You can purchase additional headshots at my studio OR just book the portfolio session.

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